World Wide Online Qur’an Hifz Program (WWOQHP)

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When we are providing text highlighting page by page videos for Holy Qur’an recitation, we are obviously becoming the behind factor of a silent worldwide revolution. By combining modern technology and interacting method we are providing a new way for the memorization of Holy Qur’an. It will gain by passing Qur’an page videos.

Main resource of WWOQHP

As we noted, our page by page video for The Qur’an recitation is the main resource of WWOQHP. Our HD quality video has an average size of 70MB per video. This much big size videos is hard to easily handle through smart phones when there have more than 600 videos. So we are producing light version of these videos and it has 11 times lesser than original HD video. It has only 6 MB average size per video. When our HD video is best viewable on large and projector screens, the light version gives comfortable view on the screen of smart phones and tabs. We are providing these light version page by page videos to them who participate on WWOQHP.

Study Methods of WWOQHP

1. Self Study Method: By choosing this method of study anyone can practice to memorize the Holy Qur’an by themselves. We provide necessary guideline and tracking record to analyze the progress to go ahead without interruptions. To know more about this method kindly refer:

2. Guide to Learn Method: If someone choosing this method, they can guide a group of people to memorize the Holy Qur’an via online. It works through various WhatsApp group formed by them. To get more details about “guide to learn” method of WWOQHP, kindly refer:

Members can hifz 5 juzh in one year!

We are strongly suggest to learn two pages per week. When you are following this suggestion, it makes possible to memorize 5 juzh Holy Qur’an portion in one year. The member required to spend one or two hours every day on these recitation videos to achieve the goal. If you are memorizing a different number of pages per week, the yearly memorization counting will vary accordingly.

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Further Information

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