Holy Quran Juzh Playlists

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Holy Qur'an Juzh Playlists

Logo of Quran.surfJuzh playlists are a very distinct category in the playlist section of Quran.surf. These playlists contained the page videos for each juzh. There has multiple playlists for each juzh those recited by world renowned reciters. The videos on these playlists, highlight the Qur’an text portion along with the beautiful and heart shuddering recitation. You need to click [ ] on this icon on video to watch them in full screen. Quran.surf videos are based on the Mus’haf page layout and usually show only five lines on a screen. It can be viewed well on small mobile screens and large projector screens. Therefore, it provides a great way for those who want to learn or teach the recitation of the Qur’an well.

Holy Qur’an Juzh Playlists

Holy Qur’an Juzh Playlists | Links to open them on our YouTube channel

Unprecedented playlist collections

Self explanatory bit links to open Unique Qur’an playlist collections on YouTube

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