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This is the first time in history that such a diverse and extensive collection of the Holy Quran: gained attention.

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Logo of Quran.surfBy offering all praise to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, I like to proudly announce’s playlist section. Here are 6 types of playlists. Those are:

  1. ‘Playlists containing all Surah videos’: Each such playlist contains 114 Surah videos.
  2. ‘Playlists for all page videos’: Each such playlist contains 604 page videos. These videos are based on the pages of Mus’haf, which is on Rasm Usmani font and those are used most commonly.
  3. Juzh Playlists: There are special playlists for all the 30 Juzhs in the Holy Qur’an. Each of these contained page videos for the respective juzh and all these playlists contain twenty or more page videos.

Each of the 1, 2, and 3 types of playlists contains videos of the same reciter. There are different playlists for different reciters.

  1. Separate playlists for each Surah. Accordingly, there are 114 Surahs with separate playlists.
  2. Playlists for each page. Accordingly, all the 604 pages of the Holy Qur’an have separate playlists.
  3. Some verses like Ayathul Kursi also have special playlists.

Types 4, 5, and 6 playlists contain videos recited by many world-renowned reciters. These playlists are the excellent references for those who intend to make a comparative study of the recitations.’s high quality videos and diverse playlists of all kinds are unparalleled in history. This fact is easily understood by those who are willing to compare. These are available through the website, YouTube channel or the Android app. videos highlight the Qur’an text portion along with the beautiful and heart shuddering recitation. These videos are based on the page layout of the Mus’haf and usually only five lines appear on a screen. It can be viewed well on small mobile screens and large projector screens. Therefore, it provides a great way for those who want to listen, learn or teach the recitation of the Qur’an well. offers a large range of unified, systematic and high quality HD videos that are suitable for inclusion in any curriculum related to Quran recitation by universities and other educational institutions.

More unique specialties of videos:

In addition to being highlighted in the text above, the following are also unique specialties for videos.

Protecting cover: Each of these videos is covered with a unique image. It is used in the first and last moments of the video and in its thumbnail. They contain useful information, including the name of the reciter and the HD video short URL.

It is the custom of the believers to close the Qur’an after reciting it. Like the believers, believes that it is disrespectful to always keep the Qur’an open. This noble method of not to keep open always the Qur’an has been beautifully applied in the videos to some extent using the protective cover mentioned above.

Second screen: It is similar to the first moment screen by replacing the central portion with a full page of the Holy Qur’an. This Quran page is the first part of the video content. The ‘second screen’ stays on the screen for about 5 seconds. The similar kind of view can be seen for a few seconds just before the last moment.

Scrolling texts on the second screen: When the second screen is displayed, it shows three lines of text scrolling from the bottom to the top. It contains very relevant information about the video.

Valuable additional information is displayed on each screen: Surah name, its series number, page number and juzh number are shown without interrupting the overall beautiful view of the screen.

Self Explanatory Short Links: Provides short, easily identifiable URLs for accessing posts, YouTube videos, and playlists. For example, a teacher can give the link ‘’ to vulnerable students in Surah 36 Yaseen. Page links and reciter specific short links are also available. This is very impressive for those who are interested in comparative study. As video collections grow in size, the importance of such short links will increase.

Online Memorization Program runs the ‘World Wide Online Quran Hifz Program – WWOQHP’, using the lite version of the page videos that highlight the text along with the recitation. The ‘Guide to Learn’ method is made possible by WhatsApp groups run by Hafiz (who have already memorized the Holy Qur’an) and Hifzul Qur’an Colleges. Registration for this program is being received from all over the world. Insha Allah, I am well aware that it can produce thousands of ‘Qur’an-Hafizes’ all over the world! This program has another method of ‘self-study’. To learn more about these courses and to download the handbook / guidebook please visit

Present status and the achieved goal. is using the recitation voice of the world famous reciters. Those are already copyrighted to third parties. I agree with YouTube that the audio in the videos is “for use only” when uploading each video, regardless of the financial benefits. Moreover, has not been activated monetization on YouTube. It does not display ads on its website or app. I do not think it’s not at all desirable to display ads on Quran videos. But depending on the preferences of the copyright holder, YouTube ads may be displayed on the video for the benefit they deserve.

I do not aim for financial gain through advertising on the channel or website. Since monetization is not activated on the channel, YouTube also has less potential for financial gain, so recommendation through YouTube is generally low. Hopefully that will be possible through media coverage and fans of this Quran recitation video channel which continues to be of unparalleled quality.

The aim is to compile a world-class collection of Qur’anic recitation videos that highlight the Qur’anic text along with the recitation. I was constantly making use of my free time before and after my duty in Dubai for this great purpose. Since all possible playlists have been created, I think I have already hit my small goal. More than 850 such useful playlists are now available. It is the result of years of constant effort. There are already more than 4300 videos. Those collections included 16 complete sets of surahs videos and 4 complete sets of pages videos. These videos are made using more than ten thousand images.

A great goal: the future of

There are many reciters who recite the Qur’an in a very attractive and beautiful voice and style, following the rules of Tajweed. Many of you may have noticed that some of them are not so popular and show better quality than the world famous reciters. This kind of recitation, which gradually rises and falls in a very rhythmic and elegant order, will be a very special experience for the listeners. Many people who like to listen to the recitation of the Holy Qur’an like many such reciters. Some people have different tastes than others. Or this taste and liking is different for each person. Some like some while others like the recitations of others well. So I’m very keen to expand the collection of recitation videos to meet these types of preferences.

I think it needs to create videos of at least a hundred reciters to achieve this great goal. As per the audios collected for this, more than 13300 surah videos are left to be made. More than 77850 videos for pages can be made from it. It may not be fulfilled if my situation continues as it is. I hope that Allah will open a way and change the current situation, and Allah, the Almighty may bless me for achieving this goal. When this goal comes true, Insha Allah, it will be very beneficial for millions of people and will become a great repository for comparative study of Quranic recitations and it will produce thousands of Hafizes via ‘World Wide Online Quran Hifz Program’ (WWOQHP). Insha Allah, It is clear that the uniqueness and quality of videos and playlists will help to achieve these goals.

To ensure increased privacy and security of videos, it is considered that third parties should be avoided and managed through own servers. With this in mind and to make it easier to locate, has included its own short URL in every video. The first thing to understand about a dedicated server is the fact that it takes about 30-40 GB of space to store a whole bunch of HD videos for a single reciter.

Conclusion: To the media provides a unique experience through its wide range videos and playlists collections. So I am hereby requesting you to publish a detailed report / news on “” in your newspaper / media / channel. Moreover, if you need any clarification, please contact me via my UAE mobile number, email or WhatsApp.
With thanks and regards,

Khaleelu Rahiman Abdul Khader
(An Indian National from Kasaragod, Kerala)
Dubai, UAE.
Mobile: +971585731386
WhatsApp: +919496409386, +919895715775
Email: Find it on last part of this PDF
YouTube Channel:
Android App:

Updated this press release on: Mar 19, 2023

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