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  • A – Al hamdulillah – begins a new history in 4 ways!
  • B – Masha Allah – Find the 8 unique specialties of our videos!
  • C – Insha Allah – It gives 4 major benefits for the millions!
  • D – Jazakallah – Kindly listen on my 4 kind of requests

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Part A – Al hamdulillah – begins a new history in 4 ways!

A-1 Ever first in history – introduced the text highlighting series of HD videos for the recitation of the entire surahs of Holy Quran. We already have videos for entire surahs those recite by several world famous reciters.

A-2 It began at first time – In any kind of format, produced separate HD videos for the entire pages of Holy Quran. We already have separate videos for entire Quran pages those recite by multiple world famous reciters.

A-3 New history began – By utilizing the light version of text highlighting page videos, introduced ‘World Wide Online Qur’an Hifz Program’. It has ‘Guide to Learn’ and ‘Self Study’ methods. Insha Allah, it is capable to make thousands of Hafizes around the world!

A-4 Comparison study on various styles of the Holy Quran recitation become more easier than ever before

Part B – Masha Allah – Find the 8 unique specialties of our videos!

B-1 Highlighting the Holy Qur’an text portion (according to Waqf rule) along with recitation. This text portion derived according to the rules and signs of stopping (Waqf) when reciting the Holy Qur’an. Sometimes it comes more than one time in a single line of Quran text. Otherwise it may include more than one line of text for one portion. If the Waqf sign prefers to continue recitation of the verses with no need to stop, we also followed it on highlighting portion.

B-2 Only five lines of Qur’an on each screen; It is best viewable on small and big screens!

These five lines of text are not derived from a long page. Each of them is similar to a part of the printed page of the Holy Qur’an in Rasm Usmani Script.

B-3 Valuable additional information is showing on each screen. Surah name, its series number, page number and juzh number are showing without interrupting the overall beautiful view of the screen.

By using this information, the viewer/listener can easily refer followings:-

  1. The required page or surah on a Mus’haf, that’s the print version of the Holy Qur’an in rasm-usmani script.
  2. Other reciters video on same surah or page by using our easily recognizable short URL that described here under the B-7 head.

B-4 First, last moment screen & thumbnail image – It stands as unique protecting cover for each video. This screen only appears if the video stays stopped or it paused at first or last moment. It contained meaningful information including the reciter name and HD video short URL.

All of us understand that it is disrespectful to keep the Holy Qur’an (Mus’haf) open at all times. Therefore, it is customary to close it after recitation. uses this respectful methodology on our videos. When we use the first and last moment screen along with thumbnail, it covers up the Qur’an verses in a very proper way.

B-5 Second screen – it contains full Qur’an page view – It is similar to the first moment screen by replacing the central portion with full page of the Holy Qur’an. Second screen of the video continues on the screen around 5 seconds. The similar kind of view can see for few seconds just before last moment.

B-6 Scrolling texts on second screen – While displaying the second screen the video shows three lines of text that scrolls from bottom part to top.

Those lines are:

  • Page number / Surah Name
  • Name of the reciter
  • Short URL for the HD video

B-7 Self recognizable short URLs and easy navigation links.

This unique specialty is sub divided in to two. Those are:

  • B-7-i : short URLs
  • B-7-ii : YouTube short URLs

B-7-i short URLs and easy navigation links.

This feature is very awesome one to choose the specific video post even after our collection of videos crossed thousands of reciters!

See …

Whenever publishing video clips, we are providing short URLs for

  • That video post
  • More reciters’ videos for the related portion
  • More portions videos for the related reciter.

The short URLs are follows a common format. It can illustrate via some examples:

We also provide short URLs for reciter specific videos. All of these short URLs are very self explanatory and it is a best tool for the teacher to provide specific links to the week students. The videos are accessible by using these kind of short URLs without installing any kind of special apps. Kindly refer to know more about them.

B-7-ii YouTube short URLs.

We are gathered our videos in playlists in a very proper way on our YouTube channel We are systematically showing the group of playlists on its homepage. So anybody can easily surf through the desired playlists and videos.
Beyond this facility, we are providing short and self recognizable URLs to access our YouTube videos and playlists in a very convenient way.

YouTube Short URLs for Holy Qur’an Surah Videos Playlists

We also provide short URLs for reciter specific YouTube videos. Kindly refer to get a detailed reference on these kinds of Short URLs.

B-8 videos are systematically gathered under 5 kinds of playlists. Those are:

  • Type 1. Special playlist for each surah in Holy Quran.
  • Type 2. Special playlist for each Qur’an reciters (All surah videos)
  • Type 3. Special playlist for each page in Holy Quran.
  • Type 4. Special playlist for each Qur’an reciters (All page videos)
  • Type 5. Separate playlist for special ayats (as like ‘Ayatul Kursi’) on Holy Quran.

We provide a shareable message on ‘5 kinds of playlists for HD videos of Holy Quran Recitation’. It is available in more than hundred languages. Get it from:

Conclusion on uniqueness of our videos recitation videos are contained only phenomenal content that makes high standard to qualify as the part of any curriculum on Quran recitation. never where included annoying portion even a channel subscription request on our recitation videos.

Part C – Insha Allah – It gives 4 major benefits for the millions!

C-1 It helps to enjoy the beautiful and heart shuddering recitations along with seeing its lyrics on big or small screens

C-2 It helps in the study of recitation in the best style

C-3 The Qur’an can be memorized using our online study plans. providing “World Wide Online Qur’an Hifz Program – WWOQHP”. It has two kinds of study methods and we have been get registration from different part of the world for this program.

Download Links:

C-4 It makes easy the comparative study on different style of Quranic recitations.

Comparison and analytical study on Holy Qur’an recitation.

Our endeavor makes things easier for comparison and analytical study on Holy Qur’an recitation. When we are adopting “the page” as the master portion for our videos, it gives great help for the college and university students who are researching on Holy Qur’an. The teachers can adopt our HD videos to illustrate it though high end big screens. The users can easily jump between reciter by reciter by using the above explained easy navigation options. It can achieve by modifying URLs as per the following examples:

Examples for page comparison by reciters:

Holy Qur’an Page 2 (Comparison example)

This page contained the portion from a surah

Surah 105 Al-Feel (Comparison example)

By using the above kind of short and recognizable URLs, you can easily jump between reciters for your comparisons. Beyond modifying URLs, to compare the different recitations, there have major roles for the playlists that gathered each page and surah separately.

Part D – Jazakallah – Kindly listen on my 4 kind of requests

D-1 Kindly involve yourself to achieve the fundamental aim of
I personally request you to spend at least one hour every day to study/memorize the Holy Quran.

D-2 Help to socialize the things
Kindly like, follow, comment and share website and social pages. Occasionally try to comment/share our new posts.

D-3 Personal beneficial request

The sounds on our present videos are already belonging to third parties. Thus the generating incomes are going to them and the present earnings of are almost equal to nothing.
Meantime, we have to do lot more on by knowing the implicit demand. It also requires high-end server. To maintain our activities and to add more on, kindly help us by giving your strong support!

Kindly visit following URLs:

(Find my personal contact details on last part of this video)

D-4 Help me to open a way to achieve the exciting development target of

There have enormous reciters those are reciting the Holy Qur’an with very attractive and beautiful sound and style by following tajweed rules. Some of them are far better than world famous reciters. It will be very unique experience for them who are earring this kind of recitation that steadily flows up and down in very rhythmic order. I extremely like to expand the collection of recitation videos by using these kind of attractive and heart shuddering recitations.
Beyond creation of videos, it requires a global centre for World Wide Online Quran Hifz Program (WWOQHP) to wisely manage global activities and regional centers.
On these kinds of situation and to overcome the personal limitation, it requires getting a strong sponsor or am looking for a right Reputed Islamic Organization to take over the full responsibilities of this historic venture.

Requests support from everybody

Kindly pass a message about to your contacts! Refer to easily copy a message on your language. This will be great helpful for us, you and them. I am hereby requesting you to include me and our family members in your prayers.

With thanks and regards

The CEO,
Khaleel Rahman Abdul Khadar (Khaleel Deli)
Mobile: +971 55 644 7212
+91 9895 715 775
Email: (See the last part of video)
WhatsApp: +919496409386
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