To guide to learn Holy Quran

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To them who guide to learn Holy Quran

Dear Brother/Sister in Islam, Assalamu Alaikum

Subject: Kindly utilize the best study resources from

Logo of Quran.surfWe are approaching you by considering that you are valuing on teaching Holy Qur’an to recite in best way and to assist memorizing it. When we have been produced series of videos on the recitation of the Holy Quran, we would like to ask you to use these resources. These videos are highlighting the text portion along with recitation. These types of videos are comes ever first in history! There are separate videos for each surah and pages.

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Download (PDF, 667KB)

These HD quality videos are contained only phenomenal content that makes high standard as much as to qualify the part of any curriculum on Quran recitation. These are very useful for teaching Qur’an recitation by showing them through big screens. Our videos are best viewable in small smartphones too. It only shows five lines of Quran in one screen according to rasm uthmani script print version of the Holy Qur’an.

These videos are available through the website, YouTube channel and Android App.

By utilizing the light version of text highlighting page videos, introduced ‘World Wide Online Qur’an Hifz Program – WWOQHP’. Its ‘Guide to Learn’ method conducts through lots of WhatsApp groups. These groups are runs by the persons who already memorized the Holy Quran. Qur’an schools and colleges are also participating on this endeavor. We have been getting registration from different part of the world for this program. If God Bless, it is capable to make thousands of ‘Qur’an Memorizers’ around the world! Please take a copy of its 62 page guidebook from If there are only surah videos, it will not be easy to handle via whatsapp. Our page videos and many supporting things make things easier than imagine. This program also has a method for ‘self study’.

There is no need to explain details about the great benefits of memorization of the Holy Quran to them who already memorized the Holy Quran. Anyhow we have summarized it as ’15 merits’ here: provides short and easily recognizable URLs to access our posts, YouTube videos and playlists. For example, a teacher could provide the link ‘’ to weak students in Surah No. 36 Yaseen. Page links and reciters specific short links are also available. This is very impressive for those who are interested in comparative study.

We are hereby requesting you to utilize our video resources. Arrange to show our videos on the big screen while teaching the recitation. We also request you to turn the community to memorize the Holy Qur’an through WhatsApp groups. You can provide free service or can charge members as we explained in the guidebook. Additionally, request you to forward this message to places where it seems to be useful:

Kindly refer to know more:

Introductory video (13:16 minutes) – A B C D of Qur’ : (

  • A – Al hamdulillah – makes the new history in 4 ways!
  • B – Masha Allah – Know the 8 unique specialties of our videos!
  • C – Insha Allah – It gives 4 major benefits for the millions!
  • D – Jazakallah – Kindly listen on my 4 kind of requests

A B C D of Qur’ – Text version: (16 pages PDF file).

In most primarily we like to get your opinion about Kindly prepare it on your letterhead and send it as a scanned file. We like to include them on our ‘Messages’ section.

By expecting your favourite response,

With thanks and regards,

Khaleel Rahman Abdul Khadar (Khaleel Deli)
Dubai, UAE.
WhatsApp: +91 94964 09386 (Save and send ‘Hi’)
Email: surfquran @

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