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We provide HD videos for Holy Quran recitation. These are highlights the Qur’an text along with recitation. We prefer the world famous reciters and newly coming Hafiz for our videos. Quran.surf videos generally show only five lines of Quran text on one screen by following the page layout of the printed version of the Mus’haf. It can be viewed well on small mobile screens and large projector screens. Therefore, it provides a great way for those who want to learn or teach the recitation of the Qur’an well. Thus we provide a best way to study, teach and compare the Holy Qur’an recitations.

Logo of Quran.surfWe provide seperate videos for each page, surah and important aya such as ‘Ayathul Kursi’. We already have completed several reciters videos and all of these videos are very systematically gathered under five kinds of playlists. We also conduct World Wide Online Qur’an Hifz Program (WWOQHP) by using our page level videos. There are two methods for this program: ‘self study‘ and ‘guide to learn‘.

We expect Quran.surf provide great help for them who love The Holy Qur’an.

Kindly refer following three topics to know more about Quran.surf.

1) ABCD of Quran.surf

Refer: www.quran.surf/abcd/

2) Five kinds of YouTube playlists for HD videos of Holy Quran Recitation

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Refer: www.quran.surf/msg1/

3) World Wide Online Qur’an Hifz Program – WWOQHP

Refer: www.quran.surf/online/

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If you like to publish a news/analytical story on Quran.surf, kindly download ‘ABCD of Quran.surf’ PDF file. Its bottom part contained all kind of links including supporting images and screenshots.

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