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Now we provide 4700+ HD videos and 900+ useful playlists. The unique features of this unique collection can be seen through the above included explanatory video (https://youtu.be/5rQ246tMKU4). The first 8 minutes of this video cover the main points and the rest describe the detailed features.

The real main point is that all of Quran.surf videos highlight the portion of the Quranic text along with the recitation! There are playlists for each surah, each page, each juzh, entire surahs, entire pages and even some specific verses! It contains more than 16 videos of world famous reciters in each of the playlists for each surah.

The greatest feature of these is that the Holy Quran has never had such a collection of video playlists before! Moreover, Quran.surf does not include ads or activate monetization as it works with some sacred purpose. But many recitation sounds copyrighted by third parties are used by Quran.surf under their rights and in such places YouTube ads may be displayed on the video for their benefit.

Quran.surf videos show only five lines of the Quran on a screen at a time. It can be viewed well on small mobile screens and large projector screens. Therefore, it can be used as an excellent reference method for those who want to better listen, learn or teach recitation of the Holy Qur’an. Playlists of surahs and pages have also become an unparalleled source for the comparative study of recitations today.

If some students weak on some surahs, they can be made more capable by passing them some short URLs that are easy to understand. Refer to the PDF document “A B C D of Quran.surf” (www.quran.surf/abcd-pdf/) to understand more about short URLs and different aspects of this initiative.

Our large collection of HD videos is uniform, systematic and maintains high quality. Those are suitable for inclusion in any curriculum related to Quran recitation by universities and other educational institutions.

Online Memorization Program

Quran.surf runs the ‘World Wide Online Quran Hifz Program – WWOQHP‘, using the lite version of the page videos that highlight the text along with the recitation. It has ‘Guide to Learn‘ and ‘Self-study‘ methods of study plans. To learn more about these courses and to download the handbook / guidebook please visit www.quran.surf/online/

A turning point in history

As a turning point in history, this diverse and vast collection of the Holy Qur’an was born through the constant use of spare time during my work as an accountant in Dubai. Even if it has crossed many hurdles, it has still to pass big milestones as noted on D-4 point on above mentioned PDF. Accordingly it is my ardent desire to prepare such videos of complete Surahs of more than 100 world famous reciters. That can be a huge asset in today’s video-heavy social world.

To achieve this, a favorable change in my situation and the blessings of Allah are definitely required. So I request everyone to pray for this.

With thanks and regards,

Khaleel Deli (Khaleelu Rahiman Abdul Khadar)
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Requesting a social review from you.

In our experience, not a single person who knew about this great initiative had anything but a good word to say. Knowing that the collection of such good words will be a great asset in the journey ahead, we decided to collect the review under the name of “Social Review”. According to our experience, you will surely have some good words to say about Quran.surf. So kindly express it through some social platforms like facebook, youtube, etc. Then please send its link to our whatsapp (www.quran.surf/wapp/ +919496409386) along with your name, designation, location and country name. If so, it will be a great support from you for this great initiative.

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