Info about each page on WWO Qur’an Hifz Program study sets

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Logo of Quran.surfWe are providing here the info about each page on each study set according to our recommending syllabus for World Wide Online Qur’an Hifz Program (WWOQHP). It includes the following kind of information about each page:

  • The included hifz set
  • Sequence on hifz set
  • Overall sequence
  • The included juzh
  • The first aya
  • The last aya
  • Included surah/s
  • URL to HD videos

WWOQ Hifz Program WhatsApp groups’ admins can simply copy and paste the page info from their current study set whenever they are sending the page video to the members. Please note: The page information will vary if their group following other than our recommended syllabus for this program.

Whenever a surah continues more than one page and ends on specific page, this information includes on that "page info" along with HD recitation video links for that surah. It will help the members to see, hear and recite entire surah along with the reciter without the limitation of page level video.

Get a PDF file (228 pages) that covers entire pages info.

Further Information

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